Breville Barista Pro Vs Barista Express – Choose the Best

Breville Barista Pro Vs Barista Express

The Breville Barista Pro and Barista Express are two popular espresso machines that offer a wide range of features for home baristas. Both machines have integrated grinders with conical burrs, PID temperature control, and a steam wand for frothing milk.  Barista Pro has a more advanced ThermoJet heating system than the Barista Express. This means that the Barista Pro heats up faster and maintains a more consistent temperature during brewing. The Barista Pro also has a digital display with more information, such as shot time and temperature.

Meanwhile, the Barista Express has some extra things that the Pro doesn’t. It has a gauge that helps you know if the water pressure is good, a container for the coffee amount you need, and a tamper to press it down. These things help you make your coffee just the way you like it.

We’ll break down the Barista Pro and Barista Express in simple terms. We’ll look at how they’re designed, what they can do, how well they make espresso, how good they are at frothing milk, and how easy they are to use. This showdown between Breville Barista Pro Vs Barista Express is all about finding out which one is your best match.

Breville Barista Pro

Breville Barista Pro

FeaturesShort Understanding
LCD ScreenThe built-in LCD screen
provides an intuitive interface
for programmable settings.
This includes shot time,
temperature, and more.
Thermojet HeatingThis advanced system
heats up the water in just
3 seconds, allowing for rapid
brewing. The consistent
temperature ensures precise
extraction and exceptional
30-Setting Burr GrinderThe Pro features a burr
grinder with 30 grind settings,
allowing precise customization
of grind size. Freshly ground
coffee ensures optimal
flavor extraction.
Four-Hole WandThe steam wand design
with four holes creates
superior microfoam for
velvety milk-based beverages. Achieving latte art is more
attainable due to the better
milk texturing capabilities.
Customized ShotsThe Pro offers programmable
shot volume controls,
ensuring consistency and convenience in achieving
your desired espresso output.
Premium InvestmentThe Pro comes at a higher
price point due to its
advanced features and performance capabilities.
Best forExperienced baristas
who want to make
consistent espresso
drinks every time
Breville Barista Express

Breville Barista Express

FeaturesShort Understanding
Analog Pressure GaugeInstead of a digital display,
the analog pressure gauge
offers a visual representation
of the brewing pressure.
It’s a classic touch for those
who prefer a traditional
Thermocoil HeatingThe Express comes with a
burr grinder that offers 16
grind settings. While fewer,
it still covers a range of
suitable for most espresso preferences.
16-Setting Burr GrinderThe Express comes with a
burr grinder that offers 16
grind settings. While fewer,
it still covers a range of
suitable for most espresso preferences.
One-Hole Steam WandThe simpler steam wand
design with a single hole
is suitable for basic milk
frothing. While it doesn’t
offer the complexity of microfoam, it gets the job
done for simpler drinks.
Precise PouringThe Express provides
volumetric controls,
allowing you to adjust
shot volumes to your
preferred specifications.
Budget-FriendlyThe Express is a more
cost-effective choice,
making it appeals to
those seeking quality
on a budget.
Best forBeginners who want an
easy-to-use espresso machine

Breville Barista Pro Shower Screen

The Breville Barista Pro comes with a smart screen that makes brewing coffee a breeze. It’s like your coffee command center. This screen shows info and lets you adjust things like how strong your coffee is and how hot it gets. This means you can create your coffee exactly the way you want it.

What’s Great About It

The LCD screen of the Breville Barista Pro offers you the freedom to create your coffee just the way you like it. You can adjust the strength from strong to mild and even control the temperature. It’s designed to be user-friendly, even if you’re not an expert in coffee.

Just turn a knob and press buttons to change your settings. With the screen, you are the barista of your coffee cup, experiment with different settings to discover your ultimate taste. Plus, while your coffee brews, the screen displays how long it’s brewing and the temperature.

This insight helps you learn how these elements impact the flavor of your coffee.

Example of How It Helps

Imagine you love to experiment with coffee flavors. With the Barista Pro’s screen, you can play around with brewing time and temperature. As you do, you’ll notice how these changes alter your coffee taste. It’s like having a coffee expert right there with you.

Breville Barista Express Gauge

The Breville Barista Express goes old-fashioned with a gauge showing how your coffee’s coming along. This gauge helps you see if things are going well during brewing.

Why It’s Cool

The Breville Barista Express brings a classic touch with its cool pressure gauge. This gauge shows you what’s happening while your coffee is being made. It’s like a window into the coffee-making world, especially nice for people who enjoy watching things in action.

The gauge also gives your coffee maker a timeless charm, making it feel like the machines used by coffee experts. If you’re new to making coffee, the gauge is like a friendly teacher. It helps you learn how pressure affects the way your coffee tastes.

Example of How It Helps

Imagine you’re new to brewing coffee and want to understand how pressure affects taste. The gauge on the Barista Express shows pressure levels. Watching it helps you connect pressure changes with shifts in your coffee’s flavor.


Both the Barista Pro and Barista Express can automatically make one or two coffee shots. But the Pro’s screen is more advanced and easier to use. It allows you to adjust more settings. The Express has a cool pressure gauge, but it’s not as advanced as the Pro’s screen. Both machines are great because they let you improve your coffee-making to perfection.

Extra Insights

On the Pro, you can change things like shot size, coffee temperature, and even the time water touches the coffee before brewing starts. The Express can adjust the shot size and temperature, but not that water-touch time. The Pro also has an awesome hot water spout for easy Americanos. The Express has a different spout that’s not as convenient. Both machines let you set up various coffee profiles.

Our Choice

If you’re all about controlling and customizing your brew with ease, our pick is the Breville Barista Pro. Its smart LCD screen makes coffee crafting a breeze, giving you more power over your coffee taste and temperature.

Breville Barista Pro


  • Quick heat-up time for making espresso and steaming milk.
  • Powerful steam wand with superior microfoam capability.
  • Fast espresso-making process.
  • Visually appealing design.
  • Customization options for shot volume and temperature.
  • Hot water spout with an angled position for convenient use.
  • Effective 30-setting grinder for precise customization.
  • Conical burr grinder included as part of accessories.
  • Enhanced build quality with metal components.


  • Premium investment with a higher price point.
  • A challenging learning curve, especially for transitioning users.
  • Concerns about build quality due to reports of plastic components.
  • Mixed experiences with reliability and durability.
  • Customer support issues, including long wait times and inaccuracies.
  • Inability to simultaneously brew and steam due to a single boiler.
  • Limited UI and settings customization options.

Barista Pro ThermoJet vs Express Thermocoil

When it comes to your espresso machine’s heating system, understanding the differences between the ThermoJet and the Thermocoil can greatly influence your coffee experience. These systems play a crucial role in how quickly your machine heats up and maintains a consistent temperature – factors that directly impact the quality of your brew.

Breville ThermoJet Heating System

The ThermoJet is a newer and more advanced heating system utilized by Breville Barista Pro. Unlike traditional Thermocoils, the ThermoJet features a thin-film heating element with complexly designed twisted piping. This innovation ensures rapid heat transfer, enabling the machine to reach brewing temperature in an unexpected 3 seconds. This quick heat-up time eliminates the need to wait for your machine to warm up in the morning or between brewing and steaming milk.

This heating system is very good at maintaining a consistent water temperature throughout the brewing process. This is due to the thin-film substrate of the heating element, which provides accurate temperature control. The PID controller also helps to ensure that the temperature is maintained within a narrow range. This results in consistent and reliable extraction of espresso shots, with less exposure to temperature variations.

Pros of ThermoJetCons of ThermoJet
Rapidly heats water to brewing temperature within 3 seconds.Comes at a higher price point.
Ensures more consistent temperature control.Repairs may be more complex.
Reduces vulnerability to temperature fluctuations.
Utilizes energy more efficiently.

Thermocoil Heating In Barista Express

The Thermocoil heating system, present in the Breville Barista Express, uses an aluminum block with stainless steel piping to heat water. The water is heated by passing it through the piping, which is heated by the aluminum block.

This process takes about 30 seconds, as the aluminum block has a lower thermal conductivity than the thin-film substrate of the ThermoJet heating element. The Thermocoil heating system is also more sensitive to temperature fluctuations than the ThermoJet heating system, as the aluminum block is not as good at maintaining a consistent temperature.

While less rapid than the ThermoJet, the Thermocoil offers affordability and ease of repair. Yet, it is more sensitive to temperature fluctuations, which can result in inconsistent espresso shots and affect the overall coffee quality.

Pros of ThermocoilCons of Thermocoil
Cost-effective.Slower water heating (approximately 30 seconds).
Simpler to repair.More tending to temperature fluctuations.
Less energy-efficient.

What To Choose

The best heating system for you depends on what you need and want. If you want the best possible espresso experience, the Barista Pros ThermoJet heating system is a clear choice. It heats up quickly, maintains a consistent temperature, and uses less energy. However, it is more expensive and complex to repair.

If you are on a budget or want an easier-to-repair machine, the Barista Express Thermocoil heating system is a good option. It is less expensive and easier to repair, but it takes longer to heat up and is more prone to temperature fluctuations.

30-Setting vs 16-Setting Burr Grinder

The grind of your coffee beans is like a secret code that determines the flavor of your espresso. Getting this code right requires the right tools, like the burr grinders in the Breville Barista Pro and Barista Express. But how do you choose between the Pro’s 30-setting burr grinder and the Express’s 16-setting burr grinder? Let’s solve this grind mystery.

Breville Barista Pro Grind (30 Settings)

The Breville Barista Pro doesn’t settle for anything less than precise when it comes to grinding your beans. Its 30-setting burr grinder is like a multi-tool, offering a wide range of grind sizes from fine to coarse. This versatility empowers you to fine-tune the grind to match your preferred brewing method.

If you’re into experimenting with different coffee styles, the 30 settings allow you to adjust the grind to perfection. Whether you’re brewing espresso or trying out a French press, you can adapt the grind to suit the extraction process. This flexibility is key to unlocking the full flavor potential of your beans.

Another significant feature is the “Pause Grind” function, exclusive to the Pro. During the grind, you can pause by pushing in the portafilter. This enables you to distribute the coffee grounds with a few taps before completing the grind. This simple yet effective feature prevents a messy overflow of ground when removing the portafilter.

Breville Barista Express Grind Size (16 Settings)

The Breville Barista Express takes a slightly different approach with its 16-setting burr grinder. While it offers fewer settings compared to the Pro, it doesn’t compromise on the quality of your grind. You still have a range from fine to coarse to play with.

The 16-setting grinder simplifies customization, making it a great option for those who want a straightforward approach to grinding. While it might have fewer settings, each one is carefully designed to deliver consistent results for various brewing methods.

Choosing Your Grind Matter of Preferences

Deciding between the 30-setting burr grinder in the Pro and the 16-setting one in the Express comes down to your coffee preferences and brewing habits. If you’re a coffee explorer who enjoys adjusting the grind for different brewing methods, the Pro’s 30-setting grinder provides the flexibility you need.

However, if you prefer a more streamlined approach and are content with fewer options, the Express’s 16-setting grinder simplifies your journey.

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Breville Barista Express


  • Lower price point compared to Barista Pro.
  • Entry-level option with an easier learning curve.
  • A conical burr grinder is included in the package.
  • Stainless steel appearance with a visually appealing design.
  • Quick heat-up time for espresso and milk steaming.
  • Customization options for shot volume and temperature.
  • Hot water spout for convenient dispensing.
  • Effective 16-setting grinder for consistent shots.


  • Build quality concerns due to plastic components.
  • Mixed experiences with reliability and durability.
  • Inconsistent customer support experiences.
  • Cannot simultaneously brew and steam due to a single boiler.
  • Varied shot quality experiences.
  • Limited customization options compared to Barista Pro.
When deciding between these two machines, it's crucial to consider your personal preferences and needs. While the pros and cons listed here are based on the researched information and reviews, it's important to remember that individual experiences can vary. In my personal assessment, I've found both the Breville Barista Pro and Barista Express to be highly effective and capable of delivering satisfying espresso-making experiences. Whether you're an experienced barista aiming for advanced control or a beginner looking to learn the art of crafting espresso drinks, both machines are well-equipped to meet your expectations.

Breville Barista Pro Steam Wand (Four-Hole)

The Breville Barista Pro is equipped with a four-hole steam wand, which is a significant upgrade over the one-hole steam wand in the Barista Express. The four holes in the steam wand distribute steam evenly, resulting in a creamy and velvety milk foam that is perfect for latte art.

This makes it easier to create complex latte art patterns, such as hearts, tulips, and swans. The four-hole steam wand also makes it easier to froth milk consistently, so you can get the same results every time you make a latte or cappuccino.

Additionally, the four-hole steam wand in the Barista Pro delivers more steam flow rate than the single-hole steam wand in the Barista Express, which means that you can steam milk in about 45 seconds on the Pro versus 90 seconds for the Express.

This is why the Barista Pro is a popular choice for home baristas who want to take their latte art skills to the next level.

Barista Express Steam Wand (One-Hole)

The Breville Barista Express comes equipped with a one-hole steam wand, which is a more basic version in comparison to the Barista Pro’s four-hole steam wand. The one-hole design still froths milk nicely, but it may require more practice to achieve the desired microfoam consistency and texture for latte art.

The one-hole steam wand is suitable for those new to milk frothing. It provides an opportunity to learn the basics of frothing before advancing to more intricate techniques.

Comparison Crafting Your Coffee Masterpiece

Ultimately, the best steam wand for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. If you are serious about latte art and want the best possible results, then the four-hole steam wand in the Barista Pro is the better choice. However, if you are new to milk frothing or are not interested in latte art, then the one-hole steam wand in the Barista Express is a great option.

Breville Barista Pro Vs Barista Express (Customize Shots)

When it comes to preparing your ideal espresso, the choices between the Breville Barista Pro and Barista Express offer unique ways to customize your shots. These choices affect the amount of coffee your machine brews, assuring your espresso aligns perfectly with your taste preferences and serving needs.

Breville Barista Pro Custom Shot

The Barista Pro takes volumetric controls to the next level with programmable shot volume controls. This feature allows you to program and save up to 8 different shot volumes. This is a great way to customize your espresso for different drinks. For example, you could program a single shot for your morning espresso and a double shot for your afternoon latte.

The programmable shot volume controls on the Barista Pro are a great way to save time and effort. Once you have programmed your favorite shot volumes, you can simply select them from the menu and your machine will brew the perfect shot for you. This helps you in crafting your espresso always consistent, no matter how busy you are.

Volumetric Espresso Machine Barista Express

The Barista Express model features volumetric controls, which allow you to adjust the amount of coffee brewed for each shot. This enables you to determine the exact amount of coffee brewed for each shot, catering to your desired strength and cup size.

For example, if you like a strong espresso, you can set the volumetric controls to brew a double shot. If you prefer a weaker espresso, you can set the volumetric controls to brew a single shot. However, you will need to adjust the settings each time you make a shot. This can be a bit of an annoyance.

Choose Convenience or Personalization

The Breville Barista Pro and Barista Express offer different ways to make your coffee just the way you like it. The Barista Pro lets you program and save different coffee amounts, convenient for various drinks. Meanwhile, the Barista Express helps you control how much coffee is brewed in each shot, great for getting the strength and cup size you want.

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Breville Barista Pro Best For

The Breville Barista Pro is like a coffee artist’s best friend. If you’re someone who knows their way around making espresso and wants it just the way you love it, this machine is for you.

It has a fancy screen that lets you adjust things, a super-fast heater, a grinder that you can control, and even a tool for making cool designs on your coffee. This machine is like a playground for coffee pros, where you can experiment and create your espresso masterpiece.

Breville Barista Express Best For

Now, if you’re new to this whole espresso thing and just want a great cup without any difficulty, meet the Breville Barista Express. It’s like a friendly mentor that helps you make yummy espresso without confusing you with too many buttons.

It has a simple gauge that shows you what’s happening, a reliable heater that warms up your water, a grinder that works well, and a milk frother that’s easy to use. This machine is perfect if you’re starting your espresso journey and want something straightforward yet delicious.

Price Comparison

When it comes to investing in your coffee setup, considering the cost is crucial. The Breville Barista Pro, being a higher-end model with advanced features, comes with a higher price tag. This reflects the additional technology and customization options it offers. On the other hand, the Breville Barista Express is designed to be more affordable while still delivering excellent espresso quality.

The Barista Pro’s enhanced features and precision come at a premium, making it the choice for those seeking the ultimate espresso experience and willing to invest accordingly. The Barista Express, with its budget-friendly approach, caters to those starting their espresso journey or simply looking for quality coffee without breaking the bank.


To sum it up, comparing the Breville Barista Pro Vs Barista Express helps us see what each machine offers. The Barista Pro is like a coffee expert’s tool, with its advanced heating system and screen that lets you control how your coffee turns out. It’s great if you want to get creative and make your coffee just right.

On the other hand, the Barista Express is more like a companion who helps you make tasty coffee without any complexity. It has some cool features like a gauge to show you what’s happening, and it’s good for beginners who are just starting to explore the world of espresso.

What is the difference between Barista Express and Barista Pro?

The main difference lies in their advanced features. The Barista Pro offers a faster ThermoJet heating system, a more precise LCD screen interface, and a four-hole steam wand for velvety milk texture. On the other hand, the Barista Express features a Thermocoil heating system, an analog pressure gauge, and a one-hole steam wand.

Is the Barista Pro worth it over Express?

The Pro offers advanced features like faster heating and a four-hole steam wand for better milk texture. If you prioritize these extras, it’s worth the upgrade. However, if you’re on a budget and want good espresso, the Express is a solid choice with a simpler interface.

Is the Breville Barista Express good for beginners?

Yes, the Breville Barista Express is a good option for beginners. While there is a learning curve to mastering the art of espresso making, the machine provides helpful features like its built-in conical burr grinder and dose control. These features make it easier to get started without needing a separate grinder. The machine’s manual milk frothing wand also allows beginners to practice their milk texturing skills.
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