Breville Barista Pro Vs Touch – Which Is Better Option

Breville Barista Pro vs Touch

The Breville Barista Pro and Barista Touch are two popular semi-automatic espresso machines that offer a great way to make espresso drinks at home. Both machines have built-in grinders, PID temperature control, and several features that make them easy to use. However, there are some key differences between the two machines that may make one a better fit for you than the other.

Barista Touch offers a touch display for easy drink selection and automatic milk steaming, while the Barista Pro is a good choice for a more traditional display with manual milk steaming. Additionally, the Barista Touch includes a hot water spout for added versatility. We’ll break down the Barista Pro and Barista Touch in simple terms.

We’ll look at how they’re designed, what they can do, how well they make espresso, how good they are at frothing milk, and how easy they are to use. This showdown between Breville Barista Pro Vs Touch is all about finding out which one is your best match.

Breville Barista Pro VS Barista Touch Comparison

FeaturesBreville Barista ProBreville Barista Touch
Built-in GrinderGrinds coffee beans fresh for each shot of espresso.Integrated grinder for convenience.
Temperature ControlPID maintains consistent brewing temperature.PID ensures precise water temperature.
Steam WandManual steam wand offers control over milk frothing.Automatic steam wand for effortless frothing.
DisplayTraditional LCD display for basic settings.Touchscreen display for intuitive control.
Drink SelectionChoose single or double shots with ease.5 pre-programmed drinks for quick selection.
CustomizationAdjust grind size, dose, and temperature.Customize settings to your liking.
Hot Water SpoutNot included.Dispenses hot water for various purposes.
Value for MoneyPriced at a mid-range point, offers advanced features that cater to users seeking a balance between quality and affordability.Touch comes at a higher price point due to its advanced features and enhanced performance capabilities.
Best ForSuitable for those who enjoy manual control and have some espresso-making experience.Designed for ease of use, great for beginners.

Breville Barista Pro vs Barista Touch Similarities and Differences

Let’s take a closer look at how the Breville Barista Pro and Barista Touch are both alike and different. These machines are designed to help you make great coffee at home, but they each bring their unique features to the table.

Breville Barista Pro vs Touch Similarities Which is Better

In terms of Similarities, both of these machines share some really important features. They both have the same grinder that can adjust in 18 different ways to grind your coffee just right. They also both have 5 options for controlling the temperature, so you can brew your coffee at the perfect heat.

When it comes to brewing pressure, they both use 9 bars, which is the standard for making great espresso. They both use a 54mm portafilter and filter basket, which are parts that hold the coffee grounds while the water goes through.

  • Both machines have a built-in grinder that grinds coffee beans fresh for each shot of espresso.
  • Both machines have PID temperature control, which ensures a consistent brewing temperature for better-tasting espresso.
  • Both machines allow you to customize settings such as the grind size, dose, and temperature.

While these two espresso machines have a lot in common, they also have some important differences that can affect your choice. We’ll take a closer look at these differences to help you understand which machine might be the better fit for you.

Breville Barista Pro vs Barista Touch Steam Wand Review

One of the significant differences between these two machines is how they create that frothy milk used in drinks like lattes. With the Barista Pro, you get to do this process by hand. It’s like crafting a drink with your touch. On the other hand, the Barista Touch takes care of this frothing automatically. You just press a button, and it does the work for you. This can be especially handy if you’re new to coffee making and want things to be simpler.

Manual Steam Wand (Barista Pro)

The Barista Pro comes with a manual steam wand. Think of it as a tool you control. You place the wand in the milk and use your skill to create that perfect froth. It’s like a crafter touch where you have direct control over the process. This is great if you enjoy hands-on coffee crafting and want to experiment with different textures of froth. It offers a chance to express your inner barista and fine-tune your frothing technique according to your taste.

Manual Steam Wand (Pros & Cons)

You get to control how much froth you want and its texture.Learning the perfect technique can take alot of time and practice.
It’s like creating coffee art, and your skills play a role.Achieving consistent results may be challenging, especially for beginners.
You can play around with different frothing methods for diverse results.

Automatic Steam Wand (Barista Touch)

In contrast, the Barista Touch features an automatic steam wand. It’s like having a helpful assistant. All you need to do is touch your espresso machine’s screen, and the machine takes care of frothing the milk for you. It’s a convenient option, especially if you’re new to making coffee or want a hassle-free experience.

Automatic Steam Wand (Pros & Cons)

Perfect for beginners, as you don’t need to worry about the frothing process.You may have less control over the exact texture of the froth.
It produces consistent froth each time, which is great for repeatable results.It produces consistent froth each time, which is excellent for repeatable results.
It’s quick and convenient, saving you time during busy mornings.

Barista Pro vs Touch Display Comparison

Another interesting contrast is how you choose what type of coffee you want. The Barista Pro has a straightforward display with buttons that you press to make your choice. It’s like picking your coffee from a menu. But the Barista Touch has a touch screen, similar to what you find on a smartphone. This touch screen makes it incredibly easy to select your coffee style. It’s like using your finger to pick what you want.

LCD Screen (Barista Pro)

The Barista Pro has a simple LCD display with buttons. This display shows the current brewing temperature, the time remaining in the brew cycle, and the current settings. The buttons allow you to select the type of coffee you want to make, as well as adjust the grind size, dose, and temperature.

LCD Screen Display (Pros & Cons)

The display on the Barista Pro is straightforward, making it easy to navigate.Compared to a touch screen, this display might seem less modern.
The information on the display is clear and readable.Some advanced settings might require more button presses.
The display is sturdy and can withstand daily use.

Touch Screen (Barista Touch)

The Barista Touch has a touchscreen display. This display is similar to what you find on a smartphone. It allows you to select the type of coffee you want to make by simply touching the screen. The touch screen also allows you to adjust the grind size, dose, and temperature, as well as access other features such as the timer and the cleaning cycle.

Touchscreen Display (Pros & Cons)

The touch screen on the Barista Touch looks modern and attractive.Machines with touch screens tend to have a higher price point.
You can simply tap on the screen to choose your preferences.Touch screens might be delicate and prone to damage if not handled carefully.
The touch screen allows for personalizing your settings.

Barista Pro vs Barista Touch Drink Choices & Customization review

When it comes to making different types of coffee, the Barista Pro and Barista Touch offer various options. With the Barista Pro, you can choose between two sizes of espresso shots and adjust things like how finely the coffee is ground. It’s like having control over the details. The Barista Touch goes a step further by having buttons for five different coffee styles built right in. This is great if you enjoy having a lot of different coffee options.

Breville Barista Pro

The Barista Pro allows you to choose between two sizes of espresso shots single and double. You can also adjust the grind size, dose, and temperature. This gives you a lot of control over the final taste of your coffee. It also has several customizable settings, such as the pre-infusion time and the shot timer. These settings can be adjusted to fine-tune the taste of your coffee.

Moreover, you can fine-tune certain aspects like how finely the coffee beans are ground. It’s akin to being in the driver’s seat, where you have direct control over the coffee-making process, allowing you to tailor your brew to perfection.

Barista Pro Drink Choices (Pros & Cons)

The option to choose between single and double shots caters to different preferences.Fine-tuning grind size might require some experimentation to find your preferred setting.
Adjusting the grind size lets you experiment with the coffee’s flavor and strength.

Breville Barista Touch

The Barista Touch has five pre-programmed coffee styles including espresso, latte, cappuccino, flat white, and americano. These styles are pre-programmed with the ideal settings for each drink, so you can simply press a button and the machine will make the perfect coffee for you.

The Barista Touch also allows you to customize the pre-programmed drinks or create your custom drinks. You can adjust the grind size, dose, temperature, and milk texture.

This feature is especially advantageous if you enjoy a variety of coffee styles and want quick access to a range of options without needing to adjust settings manually.

Barista Touch Drink Choices (Pros & Cons)

Pre-programmed buttons provide instant access to a diverse range of coffee styles.While convenient, pre-programmed options might not cover every unique preference.
No need to manually adjust settings; the machine does it for you.

Breville Barista Touch Hot Water Spout

Here’s where the Barista Touch stands out. It has a unique feature that lets you get hot water, like for making tea or other hot drinks. Unfortunately, the Barista Pro doesn’t come with this feature, so it’s something to keep in mind if you enjoy a variety of hot beverages.

Barista Touch (Hot Water Spout)

The hot water spout is located on the front of the machine, below the steam wand. It is a small spout that dispenses hot water at a consistent temperature. The hot water spout can be used to make tea, hot chocolate, or to heat milk for other drinks.

To use the hot water spout, simply turn the knob to the “hot water” position and press the button. The hot water will start to dispense. You can adjust the amount of hot water by turning the knob.

The hot water spout is a very convenient feature. It makes it easy to make tea or other hot beverages without having to boil water separately. This can be especially helpful if you are in a hurry or if you are making hot beverages for multiple people.

Hot Water Spout (Pros & Cons)

Convenient for making tea or other hot beverages.Additional cleaning and maintenance may be needed if the hot water spout is not used regularly.
Dispenses hot water at a consistent temperature.May not be necessary if you don’t drink tea or other hot beverages very often.
Quick access to hot water without the need for a separate kettle.

Barista Touch is Best for

The Barista Touch is an excellent choice for those who value convenience and simplicity without compromising on quality. If you’re new to the world of espresso-making or simply prefer a hassle-free experience, the Barista Touch has you covered. Its automatic features, including the touchscreen display and automatic steam wand, make it easy to create barista-quality drinks without the steep learning curve.

Here You can also take a look at a comparison of Barista Pro & Barista Express

Breville Barista Pro Vs Barista Express

The variety of pre-programmed coffee styles ensures that you can enjoy your favorite beverages at the touch of a button. Additionally, the inclusion of a hot water spout adds versatility, catering to your diverse hot beverage needs. If you’re seeking a user-friendly, all-in-one solution that delivers consistent and delicious coffee, the Barista Touch is your go-to option.

Barista Pro is Best for

For coffee enthusiasts who enjoy the art of crafting each cup and desire hands-on control over the espresso-making process, the Barista Pro is an ideal fit. Its manual steam wand provides the canvas for you to experiment with frothing techniques and create personalized textures. The traditional LCD display, while not as modern as a touchscreen, appeals to those who appreciate a more classic interface.

The Barista Pro’s customization options, such as adjusting grind size and dose, authorize you to fine-tune your brew to perfection, reflecting your distinct taste preferences. If you really enjoy learning about making coffee and want to get really good at it, the Barista Pro is for you. It’s like a friend for people who like to figure out how to make coffee taste amazing, starting from the coffee beans. If you’re excited to spend time getting better at making coffee, the Barista Pro is your best choice.


In the world of making great coffee at home, the Breville Barista Pro and Barista Touch each have their own special qualities. The Barista Touch is great if you want coffee-making to be easy and if you enjoy a touch screen. It’s like having a helpful friend who makes coffee for you just the way you like it. If you’re starting out or want things to be simple, this is the one for you.

On the other hand, the Barista Pro is like a tool for coffee lovers who like to learn and make coffee their own way. It’s perfect if you enjoy trying different ways to make coffee taste amazing. It doesn’t have a fancy touchscreen, but it lets you control everything. If you’re excited to learn and spend time making coffee like a pro, this is the one for you.


Which is better Breville Barista Pro or Touch?

Barista Pro offers manual control, making it ideal for coffee lovers who enjoy crafting espresso drinks with a traditional LCD display and manual steam wand, While Barista Touch focuses on simplicity and convenience with a touchscreen display, automatic milk frothing, pre-programmed drink options, and a hot water spout for versatility, making it a great choice for beginners. Choose based on whether you prefer hands-on coffee crafting or a user-friendly, automated experience.

What is the difference between Breville barista and touch?

The Breville Barista Pro has a traditional LCD display and manual steam wand, including physical button options for single shot, double shot, grind, steam, and hot water, making it ideal for those who prefer hands-on control and have some espresso-making experience. In contrast, the Barista Touch features a touchscreen display and an automatic milk frother, offering a more user-friendly experience, perfect for beginners. The Barista Touch also includes pre-programmed drink options and a hot water spout, but it comes at a higher price point.

What drinks can the Breville Barista Touch make?

The Breville Barista Touch is a versatile espresso machine capable of preparing a range of espresso-based drinks, including espresso, latte, cappuccino, flat white, and Americano. It offers pre-programmed settings for these beverages, simplifying the process. Furthermore, the machine allows for extensive customization, this feature allows you to adjust parameters like grind size, dose, milk temperature, and milk texture to tailor your drinks to your specific preferences.
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