How to Clean Ninja Coffee Maker

How to Descale Ninja Coffee Maker

Are you someone who loves making coffee at home and has upgraded to a fancy coffee maker like the Ninja® Specialty Coffee Maker or the Ninja® DualBrew Pro Specialty System? If so, you probably started by experimenting with different coffee styles and feeling like a pro barista in no time. But now, if your once-amazing coffee creations aren’t as tasty as before, the culprit might be a dirty Ninja® Coffee Maker.

In this guide, we’ll show you the simple steps to keep your Ninja coffee maker clean and working well. We’ll explain whether it’s the regular cleaning after each use or the occasional descaling process. Let’s explore how to take care of your coffee maker so that every cup is as delicious as the first one.

How to Keep Coffee Maker Clean

Making great coffee with a Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker or the Ninja DualBrew Pro Specialty System is awesome, but to keep that amazing taste, regular cleaning is super important. Let’s go through the easy steps to keep your coffee maker in great shape.

Right After Brewing• Let the machine cool down. Discard used paper filters and coffee grounds. If using coffee pods, remove the pod adapter for cleaning.
• For permanent filters, discard used grounds and wash with warm, soapy water.
• Rinse the milk frother whisk after each use.
• Wash the glass carafe with warm, soapy water using a bottle brush or sponge.
• Remove coffee oils to prevent leftover flavors.
Weekly Cleaning Routine• Empty the reservoir and wash it with warm, soapy water.
• Don’t forget to clean the carafe during your weekly routine.
• Use a damp microfiber cloth to clean the main unit.
• Avoid submerging the entire coffee maker in water.

How to Descale Ninja Coffee Maker

Descaling is a critical process to eliminate minerals and coffee oils that can impact the taste of your coffee. Descaling is essential to remove minerals and coffee oils accumulated in the machine over time. This build-up can affect the flavor of your coffee and the performance of the coffee maker.

Ninja coffee makers are equipped with indicators, such as the Clean Button, which illuminate when it’s time for descaling. Keeping an eye on these indicators ensures that you descale your coffee maker at the right intervals.

7 Steps Guide for Descaling Ninja Coffee Maker

Instead of aimlessly searching like a thirsty crow, let’s dive into straightforward and effective steps to descale your Ninja coffee maker. Here’s a simple 7-step guide to make the process easy for you.

1When the Clean Button lights up, it’s time to descale. Place the empty carafe under the brew basket.
2Add 2 cups (16 ounces) of distilled white vinegar to the empty water reservoir.
3Fill the reservoir to the Max Fill line with distilled water.
4Press the CLEAN button to initiate the cleaning cycle, which lasts about 60 minutes.
5Empty the carafe and place it back under the brew basket.
6Fill the reservoir to the Max Fill line with distilled water.
7Run a Full Carafe brew cycle to complete the descaling process.

The descaling cleaning cycle typically takes around 60 minutes. It is complete when the Clean light turns off. This thorough process ensures the removal of mineral deposits and coffee oils, preserving the quality of your coffee.

Best Descaling Solution for Ninja Coffee Bar

While there is a variety of descaling solutions available in the market, we have curated a list of some top choices for your convenience. These descaling solutions are specially formulated to effectively remove mineral deposits and coffee oils.

Descaling SolutionDescription
ACTIVE 32oz Descaling SolutionThis top-selling descaler comes in an 8-use value-size bottle, offering better value with less waste. It is Compatible with various coffee machines and provides a natural calcium and scale remover formula.
Essential Values
Descaling Solution (4 Uses)
Essential Values offers a powerful and non-toxic descaling solution suitable for various coffee machines. This universal cleaner restores your machines to like new ones. With incredible value, each 8 oz bottle provides 2 uses, and the natural citric acid formula is safe and gentle.
IMPRESA Descaler (2 Pack, 2 Uses Per Bottle)IMPRESSA offers a highly effective and value-packed descaling solution, gentle on your machine and the environment. Regular use enhances taste, prevents corrosion, and extends the lifespan of your coffee or espresso machine. Proudly made in the USA, each pack includes two bottles, with two uses per bottle, totaling four uses.

Moreover, Visit Cleaning & Descaling For more information about various Coffee makers.

How to Clean Ninja Dual Brew Pro

Follow the cleaning routine outlined for the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker, as detailed earlier. Begin by removing and discarding used coffee grounds or pods. Proceed to wash key components such as the carafe, permanent filter, and milk frother whisk.

Additionally, ensure thorough cleaning of the water reservoir and wipe down the main unit for an all-encompassing maintenance routine. For the Ninja DualBrew Pro Specialty Coffee System, perform these additional cleaning steps;

1Remove the pod adapter and wash it along with the brew basket.
2Hand wash the pod adapter as it is not dishwasher safe.
3Open the hinged hood on top and slide out the lid for hand washing.
4Clean the needles and pod holder by opening the handle and washing them with warm, soapy water.
5Close the handle, slide it back into the REMOVE position before reinstalling.

Intelligent Clean Cycle Indicator

The Intelligent Clean Cycle Indicator will illuminate orange when a cleaning and descaling cycle is needed.
Run a cleaning cycle on the mode (Grounds, Pods, Hot Water) you use most when the indicator comes on.
Add 2 cups (16 ounces) of distilled white vinegar to the empty water reservoir and fill it to the Full line with distilled water.
Press the CLEAN button and then the START BREW button.
The cleaning cycle takes about 75 minutes, and it’s complete when the unit beeps, the clock shows END, and the CLEAN light turns off.
Empty the carafe, fill the reservoir with distilled water, and run a specified brew cycle based on the cleaning mode.
Discard the water and clean the carafe and brew basket thoroughly before reassembling.

Vinegar Vs Descaling Solution

Let’s compare using vinegar and descaling solutions in a simple way, looking at the good and not-so-good parts of each to help you decide.

Pros and Cons of Using VinegarPros and Cons of Using Descaling Solution
Pros of VinegarPros of Descaling Solution
Vinegar is cheap, making it a budget-friendly option.Ninja suggests descaling solutions for optimal machine care.
Readily available in most households.Usually lacks the strong odor associated with vinegar.
Versatile, can be used for various household cleaning purposes.Contains citric acid, enhanced effectiveness in removing mineral deposits.
Cons of VinegarCons of Descaling Solution
May leave a strong smell or taste, requiring thorough rinsing.Generally more expensive than vinegar.
Might be less powerful than descaling solutions, especially for tough deposits.Availability may be limited compared to vinegar.

When using vinegar, make sure it’s white vinegar. Other types of vinegar can have additional flavors that may affect the taste of your coffee.

Here are some white vinegars that we have searched for your convenience;

White VinegarDescription
Lucy’s Family Owned – Natural Distilled White Vinegar, 32 ozWorks as a natural disinfectant and deodorizer. Can be used to clean coffee machines and can be effective in cleaning various household items.
Heinz All Natural Distilled White Vinegar with 5% AcidityIt is a versatile kitchen staple made from fermented corn and water. Its 5% acidity level makes it ideal for cleaning coffee machines as a natural descaler.

Ninja Coffee Maker Troubleshooting

Are you facing any issues with your Ninja coffee maker? Check out these tips to troubleshoot and keep things running smoothly. Like If the clean light stays on even after a cleaning cycle, try running the cycle again. Sometimes, stubborn limescale or mineral deposits might need a few extra cycles to clear.

Moreover, If the clean light keeps staying on, it could be because of things like using hard water, not cleaning the machine regularly, or brewing when descaling alerts are on.

Maintenance Tips for Your Ninja Coffee Maker
Stick to the cleaning and descaling schedule provided in your Ninja coffee maker’s manual.
Clean the machine regularly to prevent the accumulation of mineral deposits and coffee oils that can affect its performance.
In areas with hard water, consider using a water-softening system or distilled water for optimal results.


Keeping your Ninja coffee maker clean is super important to make sure it works well and your coffee tastes great. Think of the cleaning routine like taking care of your car by changing the oil or keeping your house clean by dusting regularly. Just like those tasks help your car run smoothly or keep your home tidy, cleaning and descaling your Ninja coffee maker make sure it keeps making tasty coffee every time.

If you skip cleaning, stuff like mineral deposits, coffee oils, and limescale can build up and mess with how well your coffee maker works. It might even make your coffee not taste as good. So, by making cleaning a regular part of your coffee routine, you’re making sure your coffee machine stays in top shape and keeps making delicious coffee every brew.

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