How to Clean Wolf Coffee Maker

How to Clean Wolf Coffee Maker

If you own a Wolf Gourmet Coffee Maker, you can enjoy a great cup of coffee every day. However, to ensure that your coffee maker lasts a long time and always makes delicious coffee, it’s important to adopt a consistent and thorough cleaning routine.

This article will guide you through the process of cleaning your coffee maker and dealing with common issues. Whether it’s getting rid of mineral buildup or fixing problems with how it brews, knowing how to handle these things will help you make the most out of your Wolf Gourmet Coffee Maker.

How To Clean a Wolf Coffee Maker

Wolf Gourmet Coffee Maker, is considered a high-end machine that can brew up to 10 cups of superior-tasting coffee using the optimal temperature, time, and extraction method.

WOLF GOURMET Programmable Coffee Maker

WOLF GOURMET Programmable Coffee Maker System

This is a high-end machine that can brew up to 10 superior-tasting cups of coffee. It precisely controls temperature and extraction, ensuring consistent quality. The integrated grounds scale ensures consistent strength, and Accu-Brew™ technology guides you to the ideal coffee-to-water ratio.

The stainless steel carafe keeps coffee fresh, while a user-friendly design and LCD display add convenience. Backed by a five-year warranty, this coffee maker is a durable and reliable choice for your daily brew.

It’s important to prioritize safety before cleaning your Wolf Gourmet Coffee Maker. Always start by unplugging the machine and allowing it to cool down. This precaution ensures your safety during the cleaning process and prevents any potential electrical hazards.

Let’s begin cleaning your coffee maker step-by-step, covering every aspect.

Safety FirstUnplug the machine and let it cool before cleaning to ensure safety and prevent electrical hazards.
Control Panel and DisplayWipe with a slightly damp sponge to remove dirt. Protect the display while cleaning surrounding surfaces.
Cleaning ExteriorUse nonabrasive stainless steel cleaner (e.g., Signature Polish) on stainless steel surfaces. Wipe with a water-dampened microfiber cloth and then a dry polishing cloth for a luxurious finish.
For non-stainless steel surfaces, use a damp cloth or all-purpose cleaner with a lint-free cloth.
Interior PartsHand-wash the thermal carafe in warm, soapy water; avoid submerging and using abrasive materials.
Hand-wash the Water Reservoir also after each use to maintain cleanliness and performance.
Use a dishwasher to clean the filter basket after each use for pure and untainted coffee flavor.

Using the Clean Function for Your Wolf Coffee Maker

The Clean Function in the Wolf coffee maker is an essential feature that automatically activates after 300 brewing rounds, ensuring that your machine remains in top condition. This intelligent function is the key to consistently enjoying a great-tasting cup of coffee.

Three Stages of Cleaning

The Clean Function comprises three stages, each playing a crucial role in the comprehensive cleaning of the Coffee System:

320 minsBreak down and remove mineral deposits within the system.
25 minsThoroughly rinse out any vinegar residue from the Coffee System.
15 minsFinal removal of any residual vinegar.

Step-by-Step Guide for Effective Utilization

To make the most of the Clean Function and ensure the cleanliness of your Wolf Gourmet Coffee Maker, follow these step-by-step instructions;

Remove the Water FilterBefore starting the Clean Function, take out the water filter to prevent vinegar from reaching it.
Pour Vinegar and Water MixtureTurn the mode selector bezel to the CLEAN position. Pour 3/4 cup (177 ml) of plain White Vinegar into the reservoir, then fill it to the CLEAN line with cold water.
Perform the 20-Minute Soaking CyclePress START/STOP for Cycle 3. The display will show “3” and start a 20-minute timer. The Coffee System will cycle the heater to dissolve mineral deposits.
Rinsing and Repeating CyclesAfter Cycle 3, add water for Cycle 2. Fill to the CLEAN line with cold water and repeat. Perform the same for Cycle 1.

Once all three cycles are done, empty the carafe and put the water filter back. Your Coffee System is ready for regular use, ensuring a clean and optimal brewing environment.

Troubleshooting Guide for Your Wolf Gourmet Coffee Maker

Coffee enthusiasts may encounter occasional issues with their Wolf Gourmet Coffee Maker. Understanding how to troubleshoot common problems ensures a seamless and enjoyable coffee brewing experience. Here’s a comprehensive guide to address and resolve potential issues:


ADD WATERCheck if the tank is empty.
Ensure the water level is below the float’s height (minimum 2 cups/500 ml).
If the float is stuck, remove and shake the reservoir to unstick it.
ADD COFFEEConfirm the filter basket is in place and the coffee drawer is fully closed.
Reset the scale to zero. Remove coffee from the basket, then add fresh coffee.
WATER FILTERIf the indicator suggests a new water filter, Simply place a fresh filter into the filter holder that’s included with your Wolf Gourmet coffee system. Wolf Gourmet 6-Pack Replacement Water Filter
To reset the WATER FILTER reminder, turn the mode selector bezel to CLEAN and hold down the ZERO button until it turns off.

You may find these guides helpful;

2. Coffee Not Dispensing

  • Ensure the carafe is correctly in place.
  • Overflow protection may be activated if too much coffee is added; the heater temporarily turns off. Once drained to a certain level, the heater resumes brewing.

3. Coffee Tastes Bad

  • Adjust water and coffee quantities.
  • Check coffee quality and freshness.
  • Use filtered or bottled water for better taste.

4. Coffee Overflows from Filter Basket

  • Avoid adding excessive coffee the recommended maximum is 82g.
  • Use slightly less grounds for decaffeinated or finely ground coffee.
  • Ensure proper placement of the paper filter in the basket.

5. Longer Than Normal Brew Time

  • Excess water may have been added (10 cups max).
  • The Coffee System may need cleaning.
  • Overflow protection might activate during the brew, temporarily extending the brew time.

6. Coffee Overflows from Carafe

  • Avoid adding too much water (10 cups max).
  • Ensure the carafe has been emptied since the last use.


To sum it up, taking care of your Wolf Gourmet Coffee Maker is not just a chore – it’s a promise to enjoy the best coffee every day. Cleaning it regularly and using the Clean Function ensures that your top-notch machine keeps making fantastic coffee. This commitment is not just about the daily routine; it’s also about making sure your coffee maker lasts a long time.

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