How to Find Serial Number on Your Keurig? Keurig Serial Number Lookup

Close-up of Keurig coffee maker with visible serial number.

Are you in search of your Keurig serial number lookup? As it is necessary to get your coffee-making experience to another level? But have you ever looked closely at it and wondered what it meant? Believe it or not, the serial number on your Keurig can reveal a wealth of information about your machine, such as when and where it was built.

You may learn more about your favorite coffee machine and its history by breaking the secret of its serial number. So, if you’re wondering about the history of your regular fix of Joe, keep reading until you figure out how to translate your Keurig’s serial number and uncover its mysteries.

How to Find Your Keurig Coffee Maker Serial Number?

Keurig, a 20-year-old business, has developed over 80 models, but just 20 of them are still in use today. With so many models to select from, determining which one you have might be tricky. Fortunately, you may locate your model’s unique serial number and use it to identify it. The placement of the serial number, on the other hand, differs depending on the model, but don’t worry – we’re here to assist you discover it.

How to Identify Your Keurig Model Using the Serial Number

To determine which Keurig model you have using the serial number (SN), follow these steps:

Locate the serial number on your Keurig coffee maker. It is usually located on the bottom or side of the machine. Write down the complete serial number.

Visit the Keurig official website and Provide the serial number to the Keurig representative or use the online tool for model identification. Based on the provided serial number, Keurig will assist you in identifying the specific model of your coffee maker.

Some additional steps

 “To determine the model of your Keurig machine, there are a few more methods you can try. Firstly, if you have the original packaging, check if the model information is printed on it. The box or packaging often includes details about the specific model. Secondly, refer to the user manual that came with your Keurig machine. The manual typically contains comprehensive information about the model, including its features and specifications.” 

Complete Your Keurig Registration

If you have not already done so, it is highly recommended to Register your Keurig brewer now that you have obtained the serial number. This step is crucial as most Keurig machines come with a one-year warranty. By registering your brewer, you not only activate the warranty but also retrieve the specific model information associated with your machine.

Keurig Models with Serial Number on the Side Behind the Water Tank

Most Keurig brewers’ serial numbers may be found on the side positioned behind the Water Tank. To locate it, raise the water reservoir away from the brewer and the serial number will be visible. The brewers having this serial number location are:

Keurig Models (SN)Behind Water Reservoir
K-ClassicK-Supreme SMART
K-EliteK-Iced Essentials
K-Express EssentialsK-Iced Plus
K-SupremeK2.0 K400 Series
K2.0 K500 SeriesK-Café
K-Café Special Edition

Keurig with SN on the Back of the Brewer, Behind the Water Tank

Did you know that some Keurig coffee makers have a secret hiding spot for their serial numbers? If your machine has a “rear removable” water reservoir, you can find the serial number behind it! Just pull the reservoir up and away from the back of the brewer to reveal the code.

This trick works for certain Keurig models that have the serial number located on the rear of the machine behind the water reservoir. So, if you’re on a mission to uncover your coffee maker’s secrets, be sure to check out this sneaky spot! Here are the models having that sneaky spot:

Keurig Models Serial Number On Back of The Brewer
K-Cafe SMARTK-Duo Essentials
K2.0 K200 SeriesK-Express
K-DuoK-Duo Plus
K-Slim +ICED

Models with Serial Number on the Bottom of the Brewer

Flip it to Find Your Brewer’s Secret Serial Number Location!” Some of the brewers have their serial numbers hidden on the bottom of the brewer. But be careful when flipping it over, especially if you’ve already filled it with water! let’s find out the models that have their serial numbers hidden below them;

Serial Number on theBottom of the Brewer
K-Mini BasicK-Mini Plus
K15K-Supreme Plus
K-Supreme Plus SMARTK-Duo Plus

Serial Number on Commercial Coffee Makers

When it comes to maintaining, troubleshooting, or registering your commercial coffee maker, having access to its serial number is crucial. The serial number is a unique identifier that provides valuable information about the unit. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you easily locate the serial number on your commercial coffee maker.

Why is the Serial Number Important?

The serial number serves as a fingerprint for your coffee maker. It helps the manufacturer and service providers identify the specific model, manufacturing date, and any relevant information about your unit. This information can be vital for warranty claims, repairs, and maintenance.

Keurig Models with Serial Number Behind the Drip Tray

K155, K150, and K150P Coffee Makers

The serial number for these coffee makers can be found in one of two places. On older models, the serial number is located on the main body of the brewer behind the drip tray. To find the serial number, follow these steps:

  • Remove the drip tray.
  • Look into the drip tray cutout at eye level.
  • If you do not see the serial number, check behind the drip tray.
  • If you do not see the serial number behind the drip tray, check on the back of the coffee maker.
Keurig Models serial number behind the drip tray.

K-Classic Brewers

The serial number on K-Classic® brewers can also be found in two different locations, depending on the model’s age. On older models:

  • Remove the drip tray.
  • Look into the drip tray cutout at eye level.
  • If you do not see the serial number, check behind the water reservoir on the side of the brewer.

Where to find the serial number on Keurig Commercial Models

The serial number is located in different places on different Keurig models. Here are the specific locations for some of the most popular models;

Keurig Commercial ModelsSerial Number Location and Instructions
K140/K145/Office PROFlip the coffee maker around to the back panel. The serial number is located here.
K1500Look at the side panel behind the water reservoir to find the serial number.
K2500Explore the back panel and open the discreet door. Behind drain tubes, you’ll discover the serial number.
K3000/K3500Remove the drip tray, then gently tug the pod bin to reveal the serial number on the back wall, behind the bin.
K4000Lift the mixer door under the powder hopper hood. The serial number is situated on the left side.


In conclusion, the serial number is a valuable piece of information for any Keurig coffee maker owner. It can be used to identify your machine, register your warranty, and troubleshoot problems. If you are not sure where to find the serial number on your coffee maker, follow the guides in the article for clear and concise instructions.

Finding the serial number is your ticket to understanding what kind of Keurig you have. It’s like a secret code that reveals the story behind your coffee maker. From its manufacturing date to its unique features and Specifications.

How many digits is a Keurig serial number?

A Keurig serial number typically consists of 14 digits and includes both letters and numbers. This alphanumeric code serves as a unique identifier for your coffee maker.

How do I check my Keurig warranty?

You can confirm if your Keurig coffee maker is still under warranty using two simple methods. Firstly, check the purchase date on your receipt or warranty card if it’s within a year of purchase, your warranty is active. Alternatively, locate the 14-digit serial number on your coffee maker, then visit the official Keurig website. Look for the “Check Warranty” or “Register Product” option in the support section, enter your serial number, and instantly see your warranty status.

Where is the serial number on the Keurig K Supreme Plus?

The serial number on the Keurig K Supreme Plus coffee maker is typically located on the bottom of the machine. Turn the coffee maker over and look for a label or sticker with the 14-digit alphanumeric serial number.

Where is serial number on Keurig?

The serial number location on a Keurig coffee maker varies based on the model. For most machines, it’s commonly found on the bottom, indicated by a sticker. Another frequent spot is behind the water reservoir, visible on the back of the machine when the reservoir is removed. On certain models, the serial number might be tucked behind the drip tray, while others have it on the side. Remember to also check the original packaging, and if you’ve misplaced your user manual, you can retrieve a copy from the Keurig website.
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