How to Use Nespresso Pour Over – 3 Pour-Over Style Recipes

Nespresso Pour-Over Coffee Pods Usage & Recipes

Nespresso Pour-Over is an exciting way to make coffee. It’s easy to use and can give you a delicious cup of coffee that tastes just like the ones you get at fancy coffee shops. Whether you love coffee or just want a simple way to make great pour-over coffee at home, this guide will show you how.

In this article, we’ll give you simple instructions on how to use Nespresso Pour-Over coffee pods. We’ll also share tips and tricks to make your coffee taste even more amazing. You’ll learn about the process of making coffee and how to adjust your Nespresso machine to get the best results.

What exactly is Nespresso Pour Over coffee?

Nespresso Pour Over coffee combines the convenience of single-serve coffee pods with the flavorful characteristics of pour-over coffee. It repeats the pour-over brewing process, where hot water is evenly distributed over pre-measured coffee grounds.

Using specially designed Nespresso Pour-Over coffee pods, you can create a smooth, rich, and aromatic cup of coffee that rivals the quality of a manually brewed pour-over. The process is quick, and consistent, and delivers exact flavors and aroma profiles. Nespresso carafe pods allow for a larger quantity of coffee, up to 18 ounces, brewed in a pour-over style.

The slow brewing process takes about three to four minutes, recreating the gradual extraction of flavors in traditional pour-over methods. The Nespresso Vertuo Next machine is essential for achieving the slow brewing process. It adjusts its spinning speed when brewing carafe pods, ensuring gentle and prolonged extraction, resulting in enhanced flavor and quality.

How does Nespresso Pour-Over work to brew coffee?

Pour-over coffee brewing encompasses both manual and automatic methods. In the manual pour-over method, you manually pour hot water over coffee grounds. On the other hand, Nespresso Pour-Over offers an automatic alternative.

Both methods deliver a smooth, flavorful, and aromatic cup of coffee, but the manual pour-over method requires more direct involvement and allows for greater customization, while the Nespresso Pour-Over provides convenience and consistency with the automated process.

Manual Pour-Over Brewing

Manual pour-over brewing is a simple yet delightful method that allows you to fully control the coffee-making process. Using pour-over devices like the Hario V60 or Chemex, you can create a rich and flavorful cup of coffee.

Start by heating water to around 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit, just below boiling. Place a paper filter in the pour-over device, add freshly ground coffee, and slowly pour hot water in circular motions over the grounds.

This process allows for precise extraction, bringing out the nuanced flavors and aromas of the coffee. Adjusting variables like water temperature, grind size, and pouring speed allows you to fine-tune the taste to your preference.

How to Use Nespresso Vertuo Carafe

Nespresso Pour-Over offers a convenient and consistent brewing experience, replicating the flavors of traditional pour-over coffee with ease. By using specially designed Nespresso Pour-Over coffee pods, such as the Nespresso Vertuo Next Carafe Pods, and the Nespresso Vertuo Next machine, you can enjoy the benefits of automated brewing.

To begin, remove the drip tray from the Vertuo Next machine to accommodate the carafe under the coffee outlet. Ensure that the water tank is filled, then insert the carafe pod into the machine. Press the button to initiate the brewing process. Within a few minutes, the brewing will be complete.

During the brewing process, the Nespresso machine evenly distributes hot water over the coffee grounds within the pod, utilizing its advanced technology and precise control over water temperature and flow rate to ensure optimal extraction of flavors and aromas.

Regular Pour-Over StyleNespresso Pour-over Style Mild
Regular pour-over style pod offers a bold and strong taste. It provides a rich and full-bodied coffee experience with deep flavors and a distinct aroma. If you enjoy a coffee that packs a powerful punch and wakes up your taste buds, this option is perfect for you.The mild version of the Nespresso Pour-Over carafe pod offers a balanced and smoother taste. It provides a milder coffee experience with subtle flavors and a gentle aroma. If you prefer a coffee that is more gentle and easygoing, this option is ideal for you.
Bold vs. Balanced Flavors of Nespresso Pour-Over

Recipes Guide For Nespresso Carafe Pour-Over Style Vertuo Coffee Capsule

The Nespresso Carafe Pour-Over Style Vertuo Coffee Capsules are expertly blended using high-quality coffee beans sourced from Peru, Colombia, and various regions around the world. These dark roast pods offer a smooth and enjoyable coffee experience, with delicate crema and rich flavors.

While they are designed for use with Nespresso Vertuo Next machines, they are not compatible with other VertuoLine models such as Vertuo and Evoluo. It’s important to note that these Carafe pods are not also compatible with Lavazza espresso machines.

Discover a range of delightful recipes that showcase the bold and rich flavors of the Nespresso Carafe Pour-Over Style Vertuo Coffee Capsules.

Nespresso Pour Over Vertuo Due Bianco Recipe

1 Nespresso Pour Over Vertuo Due Bianco capsuleUse a VertuoLine Nespresso Machine to brew the Nespresso Pour Over Vertuo Due Bianco capsule into a large glass or mug.
4 oz/200ml of milkWhile the coffee is brewing, heat the milk in a separate container until hot but not boiling.
Ice cubes (optional)Froth the milk using the steam wand of your Nespresso machine or a milk frother until it reaches your desired level of frothiness.
Sweetener of your choice (optional)Pour the frothed milk over the brewed coffee, gently swirling to mix them.
If desired, add ice cubes to the glass to chill the drink further.
Nespresso Pour Over Vertuo Due Bianco Recipe

You can garnish your drink with nuts, caramel sauce, or cookies to add flavor and texture.
Feel free to use the milk of your choice, such as oat milk or almond milk, to personalize your recipe.

Nespresso Pour Over Vertuo Iced Honey Latte Recipe

1 Nespresso Pour-Over Style Vertuo capsuleHeat the milk in a container and add turmeric powder to create a spiced milk mixture.
4oz/200 ml of milk
40 ml of honey
Use the Nespresso VertuoLine machine to extract the Carafe Pour-Over Style Vertuo coffee pod into the carafe.
1 tablespoon of turmeric powder
Ice cubes
In a glass, add honey and the Pour-Over coffee from the carafe.
Pour the spiced milk over the coffee in the glass.
Add ice cubes to the glass.
Caramel sauce/Cinnamon or vanilla extract (optional)Optionally, drizzle caramel sauce or Cinnamon or vanilla extract on top for added sweetness and flavor.
Nespresso Pour Over Vertuo Iced Honey Latte Recipe

Nespresso Pour Over Vertuo On Ice Recipe

1 Nespresso Pour-Over Style Vertuo capsuleFill a glass with ice cubes. Place it under the Nespresso VertuoLine machine’s coffee outlet.
Ice cubesInsert the Nespresso Pour-Over Style Vertuo capsule into the machine.
Cold water
Sweetener of your choice (sugar, syrup, etc.)
Allow the coffee to pour directly over the ice cubes in the glass. Add cold water to the glass to dilute the coffee to your desired strength.
Mint leaves, lime or orange zest, or cucumber slices for garnishAdd a sweetener of your choice to taste, such as sugar, syrup, or honey. Garnish the drink with a sprinkle of mint leaves, lime or orange zest, or cucumber slices for added flavor and freshness.
Nespresso Pour Over Vertuo On Ice Recipe

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Reason Behind Nespresso Pour-Over Carafe Pod Not Working?

Nespresso Vertuo machines use a special barcode system on the coffee pods to identify the pod size and adjust the brewing settings accordingly. The Nespresso Pour Over Carafe style pods are designed for the Vertuo Next model. Only Vertuo Next can recognize the barcode on these pods, ensuring the right amount of water is used for brewing.

It’s important to know that other VertuoLine models like Vertuo Plus, Vertuo, or Evoluo cannot use the carafe pods because they don’t recognize the barcode. The barcode recognition is unique to the Vertuo Next, allowing it to deliver the best results with the Pour Over Carafe pods.

Nespresso’s goal is to provide a great pour-over coffee experience, and the Vertuo Next and Pour Over Carafe pods work together to make that happen.

Additional Tips Nespresso Pour-Over Carafe Pod

  1. Ensure that you have inserted the carafe pod correctly into the machine. Improper placement can prevent proper water flow and extraction.
  2. Sometimes, coffee grounds or residue can accumulate and clog the pod, blocking the water flow. Check if there are any blockages and clean the pod and machine accordingly.
  3. Confirm that you are using the Nespresso Pour-Over carafe pod with a compatible Nespresso machine. Different machines are designed for specific pod types, so using an incompatible machine may result in issues.
  4. Verify that the water tank in your machine is sufficiently filled. Insufficient water can affect the brewing process and result in a malfunctioning carafe pod.

How can I Customize the Pour-Over Mode on my Nespresso Machine?

To permanently reset the water volume and customize your coffee size on a Nespresso machine for pour-over style brewing, you can take advantage of the machine’s programming feature. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you make this customization:

  1. Begin by opening the machine head and carefully inserting the specific coffee capsule that you want to program according to your desired coffee size. Make sure the capsule is securely placed.
  2. Close the machine head firmly, ensuring that it is properly locked in place. As the machine starts to heat up, you will notice a blinking light indicating that it is in the heating process.
  3. While the machine is heating up, you can proceed to program your preferred coffee size. To do this, press and hold the button on the Machine until the desired volume is reached. This will set your personalized pour-over coffee size.
  4. Once you have set the desired volume, the blinking light will change to steady light, indicating that the machine is ready to deliver your customized pour-over coffee.

By programming a specific coffee volume, you create a personalized preset that will be applied every time you insert a capsule of the same type into the Machine. This ensures consistent brewing results according to your preferred cup size.

Difference Between Nespresso Vertuo Next and other VertuoLine Models?

  1. The Nespresso Vertuo Next showcases a sleek and modern design, featuring a compact footprint that fits well in various kitchen spaces.
  2. While all VertuoLine machines utilize Nespresso’s unique Centrifusion technology for coffee extraction, the Vertuo Next incorporates the latest advancements in brewing technology, offering enhanced performance and precision.
  3. Each VertuoLine machine is compatible with specific Nespresso coffee pods. The Vertuo Next, for example, accepts VertuoLine pods, including the Nespresso Pour Over Carafe style pods, for a diverse range of coffee options.
  4. The Vertuo Next provides versatility by offering multiple cup sizes, including Espresso, Double Espresso, Gran Lungo, Mug, and Carafe.

Consider This Before Buying Vertuo Next for Brewing Pour-Over-Style Carafe Pods.

Compared to other Nespresso VertuoLine models, the Vertuo Next is considered less reliable. It has significant technical flaws that can cause problems for owners. Many people have experienced issues with Vertuo Next, such as leaks of coffee or water from the machine, coffee that tastes strange like plastic, or various blinking lights that indicate problems and can’t be fixed by Nespresso Customer Support. There’s even a mysterious purple light that shows up a few days before the machine stops working.

This Guide May Help You

3 Steps to Counter Nespresso machine leaking water underneath

If you’re lucky and encounter issues while your Next is still under its one-year warranty, Nespresso may replace it. Typically, they send another Next as a replacement, but some people have successfully requested a Vertuo or Evoluo machine instead. If you decide to buy a Next, make sure to register it with Nespresso as soon as possible to ensure that any problems are covered by the one-year warranty.

How to Restore Factory Settings on Your Nespresso Pour-Over Machine

To perform a factory reset on your Nespresso Pour-Over machine and restore it to its original settings, follow these steps:

  1. Open the machine head and remove any used capsules inside.
  2. Close the machine head, ensuring that the handle is in the “UNLOCKED” position.
  3. Ensure that the machine is turned on and in standby mode.
  4. Press the lungo button on the machine five times within a three-second interval.
  5. The button will blink five times in an orange color and then change to a steady white, indicating that the factory reset has been initiated.
  6. You can now adjust the drink sizes or Pour-Over settings on your Nespresso Pour-Over machine according to your preferences.

By performing this factory reset, you can reprogram your machine and customize the drink sizes to suit your desired preferences. This allows you to have a personalized coffee experience with your Nespresso Pour-Over machine.


In conclusion, this article serves as a comprehensive guide to Nespresso Pour-Over coffee, covering key topics such as the brewing process, using the Nespresso Vertuo Next machine, delicious recipe variations, troubleshooting tips, customization options, and important considerations for purchasing the Vertuo Next. With a focus on convenience, exceptional flavor, and versatility, this guide empowers coffee lovers to effortlessly enjoy high-quality coffee at home.


What is the Nespresso pour over?

Nespresso Pour-Over is a coffee brewing method that combines the convenience of single-serve coffee pods with the flavorful characteristics of pour-over coffee. It replicates the pour-over brewing process, where hot water is evenly distributed over pre-measured coffee grounds. Using specially designed Nespresso Pour-Over coffee pods, you can create a smooth, rich, and aromatic cup of coffee that rivals the quality of a manually brewed pour-over. The process is quick, and consistent, and delivers precise flavors and aroma profiles. It offers a convenient and automated alternative to manual pour-over brewing methods.

What is a coffee pour-over?

A coffee pour-over is a manual brewing method that involves pouring hot water over coffee grounds to extract flavors and create a brewed coffee. It typically involves using a pour-over device, such as a Hario V60 or Chemex, along with a paper filter. The process begins by heating water to the optimal temperature, usually around 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit, just below boiling.

How long should the pour-over take?

The pour-over brewing process typically takes around three to four minutes. This duration allows for a gradual extraction of flavors from the coffee grounds, resulting in a well-balanced and flavorful cup of coffee. It’s important to maintain a steady and controlled pour during this time to ensure optimal extraction. However, keep in mind that the brewing time can vary depending on factors such as grind size, coffee-to-water ratio, and personal preference.
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